Thanks for visiting. I’m happy you are here. (Even if you’re here by accident – trying to find a weather report, I’ll take it). This is a blog, like many blogs out there, that’s trying to just tell a story. I happen to think it’s a pretty hilarious story, and I try my hardest to keep things interesting and new. Like the TinaCast playlists – not for moods or genres, but obscure desires that you didn’t know you had, like acronyms.


Blogs are exhausting, always being updated. Who has time to keep up with that? If that sounds familiar, TinaCast makes a recap playlist every month, [in accordance with “no thug left behind.”] So check in when you can.


TinaCast is a site for fans of hip hop, dance, and pop music. But really, mostly hip-hop. No other style of music has each artist declaring himself the best every 5 seconds. So that must mean that it is the best music…


I make cardboard boxes by day, which leads me a lot of time to think about all the of funny things I want to write and share. Music has always been the filter through which I see my life, so I’ll be pretty opinionated on the state of the industry. I hope to one day stop making boxes and start making great designs. In the meantime, enjoy reading & thanks for visiting.