Jason Derulo – Want To Want Me

Posted on: April 20th, 2015



Released in early March, “Want to Want Me” is the first single from Derulo’s upcoming studio album, Everything is 4. (Not to be confused with my upcoming studio album, Everything is Food.)


“Girl you’re the one I want to want me
And if you want me, girl you got me
There’s nothing I, no nothing I wouldn’t do
Just to get up next to you”


The chorus of this song (above), reminds me of something very weird that happened just now. So today, Tim Tebow signed a one-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. Upon learning this news, my cousin texted me to watch out for him around Philadelphia and what to do if and when he hits on me. I rolled my eyes and said, “I’m glad we went over this plan, this situation could present itself any minute now…”


Then I went back to work for a while… until I heard a knock at my office door:


Tim Tebow


She was right!!