Jennifer Lopez – First Love

Posted on: May 2nd, 2014

Jennifer Lopez - First Love


Jennifer Lopez recently released “First Love,” the third single off of her upcoming album, due out June 17th. The album (still untitled) will be JLo’s tenth album. Get.It.Girl.


The single celebrates her current relationship, but laments the ones that came before it: “I wish you were my first love ‘cause if you were first there wouldn’t have been a second, third or fourth love.” However, I would like to say, on behalf of the American people, that we do not wish you skipped those fizzled flings. Think of what we might have missed without them:


• Bennifer
• JLo & Puff Daddy
• The “Times Square Shooting
• The Green Versace dress
• Someone who spells their name “Cris”
• Gigli


All of these moments changed us, and we are better for it (especially Ben Affleck who hasn’t received criticism for a movie role since). Thank you, Jen, thank you.