June & July 2014 Mega-Mix!

Posted on: July 31st, 2014


As you probably noticed, there was no June Playlist – the end of June was busy and by the time my schedule cleared up, it was mid-July, so I said “fuck it.” (You get what you pay for, ya know?) Anyway, while I did not make a playlist, I attempted to stay up to date on all the new releases and, holy mackerel, there’s been a lot of new music! (I know this playlist is a June/July combo, but still…)


It seems like every artist is still trying to capture the title of “Song of the Summer 2014,” which was obviously and reluctantly given to “Fancy” months ago, but that’s okay! I’m loving all the new jams. We’ll look back on this time fondly in January when it’s cold and there is nothing new on the radio, but that’s future-Tina’s problem… maybe we’ll all be dead. Anyway! Ladies and gentlemen, the best of TinaCast for June and July 2014!


Orlando Bloom Punching Justin Bieber



Charity Work