Lady Gaga ft. R. Kelly – Do What U Want

Posted on: October 21st, 2013

Lady Gaga ft. R. Kelly - Do What U Want


I’m not sure what’s working harder to promote ARTPOP, Lady Gaga or her ass, which has been on full display ever since she performed “Applause” at the VMAs. (Winter is coming… better get the fur thongs out.)


“Do What U Want,” debuted this week and features a 80s synth beat and R. Kelly (of course!) sharing his area of expertise: partying in the back of the club.


Gaga’s ARTPOP is scheduled for release November 8th, while R. Kelly recently announced that his 12th studio album, Black Panties, has been pushed back to December 10th. Unfortunately, I don’t think Kellz is going to be able to use “Do What U Want” on his album because the panties above are blue. Damn… so close.