Justin Bieber – Boyfriend

March 16th, 2012 | Pop

  Justin Bieber and Mike Posner teamed up to write Bieb’s latest single, “Boyfriend,” which is… really catchy. (My relationship with this song)   The song is fine until Biebs references Buzz Lightyear. And the only thing worse than referencing “Buzz Lightyear” in a song, is referencing Buzz Lightyear incorrectly. Buzz Lightyear cannot fly. I… Read more

Diggy ft. Jadakiss – 88

March 13th, 2012 | Hip-Hop

  In Diggy’s new single, “88,” he gives credit to his family’s success in 1988 for getting him where he is today. Which is good, let’s not pretend Diggy Simmons would be on the radio if his father and uncle weren’t hip-hop royalty. And with clever lines like, “the road was Bobby Brown, it had… Read more

Neon Hitch – Love U Betta

March 8th, 2012 | Pop

  “Neon Hitch” sounds more like an electrical part than a name, but I’ll go with it. The chorus of her latest single is: “She’s prettier than I’ll ever be, Got yourself a beauty queen, yeah. But there’s one thing I gotta say. She can fuck you good, bet I can fuck you betta.”  … Read more