Rihanna ft. Chris Brown – Birthday Cake

February 21st, 2012 | Hip-Hop

  In case you missed it, Chris Brown and Rihanna did reciprocal remixes of their songs, “Turn Up the Music,” and “Birthday Cake,” this past month. This is a careless ploy for my attention on their part, and it’s working. I imagine writers over at Lifetime are salivating over the prospect of a Made-for-TV movie,… Read more

B.o.B. – So Good

February 21st, 2012 | Hip-Hop

  In “So Good,” B.o.B. missed a perfect opportunity to rhyme “fantasy-oh” (which is a stretch to begin with), with Rio, as opposed to “Mexico,” — an even further stretch. Yoga. (Like that Young-Money-influenced line?) These rappers should obviously hire me as a content consultant. I’m so qualified. Sorry for that last segment, it was… Read more

Havana Brown ft. Pitbull – We Run the Night

February 15th, 2012 | EDM

  Havana Brown is an Australian singer and DJ. You go, girl! Nice to see a woman in a field notoriously dominated by men. Which is everywhere, except, of course, the geisha industry. Pitbull doesn’t do much help a sister out, (other than lend his name), his recycled lyrics are pretty terrible…  

Nicki Minaj – Starships

February 14th, 2012 | Pop

  I could write this entire blog about Nicki Minaj and her antics. From her performance at the Grammys: anticipated as “the most talked about event,” in reality: “not mentioned at all,” to her excessive radio releases this past month – she’s been in maniac overdrive in anticipation of her album’s (delayed) release. Pink Friday:… Read more