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iLoveMakonnen ft. Drake – Tuesday (Remix)

Posted on: October 14th, 2014 by Tina

iLoveMakonnen ft. Drake – Tuesday (Remix)



Atlanta based rapper/singer iLoveMakonnen had a modest hit with his song, “Club Goin Up on a Tuesday,” until recently when Drake remixed the track by adding a verse of his own.


I like to imagine Drake and Makonnen recording this together in the studio, which IRL, they did not. However, in my version, the two hang out for a while, have some drinks and share some some laughs. Later, when Drake stands up to leave, he turns to go, but then turns back, looks right at Makonnen and says, “Drop the ‘Club Goin Up on a’ just ‘Tuesday’ it’s cleaner.” Then leaves the studio.