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Jeezy & Jay Z – Seen It All

Posted on: July 7th, 2014 by Tina

Jeezy & Jay Z - Seen It All


“Seen It All” is the second single off of Jeezy’s upcoming album by the same name. The track, produced by Cardo, was originally slated for Magna Carter Holy Grail, but for whatever reason, didn’t make the cut. (Dropped the ball there, J.)


Are these two a cuter couple than Jay and Kanye? At the moment, yes — somehow a hardcore gangster rapping about dealing drugs on the streets is more endearing than that festival ruining lunatic.



Trey Songz ft. Jeezy – Ordinary

Posted on: February 14th, 2014 by Tina

Trey Songz ft. Jeezy - Ordinary


Trey Songz released a second single from an upcoming sixth album, although there has been no official confirmation yet. “Ordinary,” finds Trey and Jeezy at the club, asking ladies, “Don’t you hate an ordinary ni**a? Drinking out ordinary liquor? Ni**as spending ordinary money?” Enh, not really.


The song is basic (like the bitches he does not fuck with), but I would really prefer is a sassy single called “Extraordinary” that has a tap number in the middle. A girl can dream…



Rick Ross ft. Jeezy – War Ready

Posted on: February 11th, 2014 by Tina

Rick Ross ft. Jeezy - War Ready


Rick Ross recently released “War Ready,” the second single from his upcoming album, Mastermind, due out March 4th. The song features his former rival Jeezy rapping over a trap beat produced by Mike Will Made It.


“War Ready” is an awfully tough-sounding song from someone who names his cars “Katy Perry” and “Oprah.”



Jeezy ft. Rocko & 2 Chainz – Benihana

Posted on: November 22nd, 2013 by Tina

Jeezy ft. Rocko & 2 Chainz – Benihana


[Old] Jeezy recently released new music featuring Rocko and 2 Chainz which will appear on his upcoming #ItsThaWorld Vol. 2 mixtape.


“Benihana” refers to the fact that at Benihana restaurants they make the food right in front of your face, just like how Jeezy cooks his drugs – right in front of your face.


Interested in remixing this song? Other comparable alternatives to “Benihana” include: “Jewish Deli,”  “Sushi Bar,” or “Panera Bread.” Or — if your remix is about doing something behind people’s backs, like talking — try “Applebee’s” or “Olive Garden.”