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M.I.A. – Y.A.L.A.

Posted on: October 25th, 2013 by Tina



M.I.A. recently released the third single from her upcoming studio album, Matangi. “Y.A.L.A.” (which stands for “you always live again,”) calls out Drake’s “Y.O.L.O” motto by saying, “If you only live once, why we keep doing the same shit?”


All this talk of dying brings up a lot of heavy questions: What should we be doing differently if we get to live again? What’s wrong with doing the “same shit” if you enjoy it? Can we go clubbing in our next life?


I’m gonna leave questions about mortality up to the experts (Drake and M.I.A.), because if it was up to religiously apathetic me, the song would be more like, Y.P.O.L.O.B.H.A.O.N.A.A.M., (pronounced “yip-polo-bow-nahm,”) and stands for “You Probably Only Live Once, But Hopefully Again, Only Not As A Mosquito.”