The 12 Most Thoroughly Enjoyed Songs of 2012

Posted on: December 15th, 2012

How was it for you? 2012 that is. 2012 wasn’t an earth-shattering year for pop-music — it was much of the same, with more and more electronic dance music mixed in. Chances are, you’ve heard some of these songs a couple (million) times this past year. You guys give up yet? Or are you thirsty for more? Hope so. The following are the top TinaCast songs of 2012.

“Clique” is “H.A.M.” distilled and purified, with Kanye & Jay plus Big Sean, and features the anti-iconic line, “I know Spike Lee gon’ kill me but lemme finish!”


Wiz Khalifa finally “arrived” with “Work Hard, Play Hard,” a song that reminds us that he has lots of money and knows how to party. For a while, I was worried he was too stoned for that.


David Guetta’s “Titanium” was the little song that could – gaining momentum slowly but eventually becoming a ubiquitous dance song, much in part to Sia’s incredible voice.


Chris Brown continues to confound me by being a terrible person who also releases amazing dance anthems like “Don’t Wake Me Up.”


I waited sooo patiently for Ke$ha to return to the radio with beat-heavy party jams. When she finally did, with “Die Young,” I was not disappointed at all.


In “Cold,” Kanye, in all of his IDGAF-glory, tells “PETA my mink is dragging on the floor.”


If Rihanna collapsed one day from exhaustion, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised – she’s been consistently chart-topping since ‘Nam. This summer was no different when she ruled the airwaves with “Where Have You Been.”


I don’t really understand why Wale’s song is called “Slight Work” – I guess “Work” wasn’t enough syllables, and “Lots of Work” is too many. Additionally, if you like sirens in your music, then this song is for you!


Trey Songz… my year would not be complete without one of your anthems about drinking and dancing, and this year it was “2 Reasons.” “…I only came for the bitches and the drinks” – well said, sir.


Kanye & Friends (which was their second choice after G.O.O.D. Music) brought us “Mercy,” and if you think that’s a song just anyone can do, check out Lil Wayne’s failure of a remix.


For better or worse, a great deal of this year belonged to Nicki Minaj. She named everything short of Obama’s reelection “Pink Friday,” and became more overwhelming than enjoyable. However, I couldn’t make a list and not include her, so here she is firing more guns than M.I.A. in “Roman Reloaded.”


Finally, I can’t say that electronic dance music is taking over without mentioning one of the biggest synthetic tracks of the past year, Calvin Harris’ “Feel So Close.”