The 12 Most Under Appreciated Songs of 2012

Posted on: December 15th, 2012

Unless you hide in my car on a regular basis, these songs are probably not the songs you think of when recalling 2012. And if you’re looking for a list of “underground” or “indie” hits, you’ve come to the wrong place. I love pop music, so these songs are not far off the pop charts. On the previous list I listed why each track is important for 2012 (kinda). Here I will list why each song is important to me.

B.o.B’s “Play the Guitar” is the first song that I thought I could transcribe in emojis… and it’s a really upbeat song that makes me wanna dance.


A friend of mine once described Dada Life’s “Kick out the Epic Motherfucker” as “it’s not music, it’s noise.” Thanks, grandpa, I still really love this bass-heavy gem, and that comment made me feel young.


When I heard R. Kelly and Kanye West were on a track together, the “Ignition (Remix)”-fan inside of me was ecstatic, and “To The World” did not disappoint.


I spend half my life writing nonsense for this blog, and the other half hoping some one removes Shakira’s “She Wolf” from history. Valid effort, Sia and David Guetta, thank you.


My life has very little in common with hip-hop. So it’s nice to identify with a rapper now and then, such as J. Cole in his “Cole World.” Unfortunately it’s bitching about student loans, and not driving lambos, but I’ll take what I can get.


The video for David Guetta and Nicky Romero’s “Metropolis”gets me so amped, I think painting my room Jackson-Pollock-style is a great idea.


Ace Hood’s fast-paced “B.L.A.B.” has gotten me through many work-outs this past year. (Does statement gives the impression that I work out a lot? Excellent…)


When I heard Calvin Harris and Florence Welch teamed up for a track, I could not contain my excitement. So I continue to praise this track, to mask my underlying feeling of disappointment, yay “Sweet Nothing”!!


Martin Solveig’s “The Night Out” is dance song about a nerd. How fitting. Then Madeon joined the party and remixed the track to perfection. Amazing.


I have such a crush on Gareth Emery… then he speaks, and reveals the voice of a very British six-year-old. Thankfully, he produces the music and let’s others do the singing, and it’s a beautiful combination in “Concrete Angel.”


I have a deep reverence for Lupe Fiasco’s mission to make hip-hop without degrading women or glorifying materialism, which he does well in“Lamborghini Angels.” It’s never quite as fun as the alternative, but I respect a rapper who has has intelligent things to say.


try not to promote songs that are especially demeaning to women on the wildly popular TinaCast. But everyone breaks their own rules sometimes. I can’t get enough of Tyga’s “Make It Nasty” Sorry! “drop drop it on the bitch, make it nasty.”