The-Dream ft. Jay Z – High Art

Posted on: May 14th, 2013

the dream jay z high art


The-Dream recently released the fifth* single from his upcoming album, IV Play,** due out May 28th.


As I’m sure no one assumed, “High Art,” is not about Renoir or Duchamp, but making love and getting high. Mr. Nash feels so strongly about these activities that he repeats the line “I make love to my girl, then I get high with my niggas,” twenty-four times throughout the song. I heard that this song is an explanation for why he takes so many naps…


*fifth single?! wow. After 15 months of anticipation I should probably be more excited about this album than I actually am…


**What a great album title. IV Play is The-Dream’s super-sexy fourth album. That’s how you title an album, Chris Brown: clever, descriptive, and preferably with a pun.